Tuesday, 27 January 2009

FTC progress

We have finished making our FTC rocket and we have made a new launcher for 22mm nozzles. The FTC rocket is a little different to most tube rockets because it has a 1litre bottle added to the top for extra capacity. This bottle also helps the rocket to backglide/backslide (descends backwards) so the rocket won't need a parachute! It will only carry an altimeter because the camera is too heavy and we want to reduce as much weight as possible.

Capacity: 2.1L
Weight: 280g
nozzle: 22mm

Splice Progress
We had a problem with one of our spliced pairs, It exploded!!! The reason why it exploded is because when we sanded the bottles for the glue to be strong, it also decreased the thickness of the bottles and makes them a lot weaker. We will have to make some more when we have collected enough bottles and next time we won't make the wall thickness too thin!!!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Splice Update

We Tested the new splice (glued bottles) today and it didn't leak, which is really good news. We put a layer of silicone inside the gaps were there was no glue to add a better seal because We knew that the glue would hold the force of the pressure but we didn't know if it would leak! It was tested to 120psi because that is the max pressure of our pump. When we have made a few more splices we will use them in our booster rocket design.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Update January 2009

We haven't done very much things to do with rockets over the past week but we have tried something new! We have made a spliced pair of bottles (two bottles glued together) and we hope to pressure test them next week. We have found a glue that we think will work and is easy to purchase in the UK if anyone is interested. It is called 'TiteBond' and it is a special Polyurethane glue and it has epoxy like strength! It is rated for 3510psi according to the manufacturer! The glue foams up when it sets so it fills all the gaps in the joints to prevent leaking. If this works then we will use it in our booster rocket design for less weight (no heavy metal coupling) and to improve altitude!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Booster test flights #2 (dummy main stage)

These are some test flight launches of the booster rocket. The reason why the boosters didn't fall off is because the main stage wasn't pressurised because it is a dummy stage. If the rocket was pressurised then it would have traveled faster than the boosters and the boosters would fall off. The rocket didn't have a parachute system and that is why it crashed, but that doesn't matter because it's only a dummy.

Here is the video of the launch:
click here if the video doesn't work.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year

We wish everyone a happy and exciting new year! 

In the first part of the new year we will try to get the booster rocket working and try to beat our personal record of 408ft! The booster rocket will be a little bigger for more stability, the mainstage is going to be 6litres but the boosters are going to remain the same size (1litre). 

NOTE: The big 10litre MAXTOR II is no longer in service because it is to large and we have taken it apart to make the new and improoved booster rocket!!!