Thursday, 19 March 2009

New Parachute Deployment System

We have made a new Deployment System that should help our rockets survive a couple more launches! We have bought a Flight Computer V1.6 from Aircommandwaterrockets and we are very pleased with the quality of this product and would like to say a big thank you!!! This flight computer is very light and it can also be used to power the Altimeter with the same battery, so it reduces a little weight.

Here is a video of how we made our parachute system/nosecone:

if this video doesn't work, click here.

How to set it up for a launch:

1. Turn on the Flight Computer to reset the servo.
2. Pack the parachute nice an tight and close the door.
3. Stretch the elastic band around the bottle twice and hook it over the servo arm.
4. Arm the Flight Computer.
5. Launch!!!!!!!

I hope this can give you some ideas when make your new rockets and please comment if you have any questions!