Sunday, 19 July 2009

New 2 stage rocket

This is our new 8L 2 stage rocket, and it should work this time. The Flight Computer is between the two bottles (about half way down the booster) because it reduces the height of the rocket and probably reduces the weight too. Most of the things on the rocket are the same as the old 2 stage (staging mechanism and flight computer are the same). The only things that have changed are the pressure bottles and the booster's parachute system. The parachute for the booster is deployed when the sustainer is launched, the sustainer pulls a pin (at separation) and out flies the parachute, the parachute is also between the two bottles.
The weather forcast are forcasting 20mph winds for the next week, so i don't think it will be good rocket flying weather.

Friday, 17 July 2009

2 Stage water rocket update

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to fix the cluster launcher, so we have decided to make another 2 stage rocket that it isn't a cluster. The new rocket will be 8L (4 bottles coupled together) and will hopefully be more reliable because it is simpler (it only has one nozzle). The sustainer won't change and the staging mechanism will still stay the same too. This new rocket should be finished quite soon but we don't know when it will be launched because the weather forecast is not good.

When it is finished we will upload some photos and more details!