Thursday, 30 October 2008

booster rocket tests (crashes)

Today we tested our new launcher but we had a few problems. We have found out what those problems were and have tried to fix them but that could also lead to another problem. The first problem is quite obvious in the video, the stability of the rocket isn't good. The reason why it isn't stable is because we didn't attach the boosters to the main stage properly so it just spiraled out of control. The second reason why i didn't work is because the main stage was leaking a lot so we didn't pressurise it so no separation happened and so it was to tail heavy. The parachute didn't deploy because the timer was set only for high altitude flights but because it didn't go very high the parachute didn't have enough time to open.

if this video doesn't work click here

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

how it works?

If you want to no know how our booster rocket launcher works then we have added a video of how we set it up:

If this video doesn't work click here.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Launcher Complete

Finally after 2 months of building the launcher we have finished! The launcher has been rebuilt from the last problem and has now got a guide rail. The new launcher is made from plywood instead of MDF and it has now got 3 layers of paint on it. Although the guide rail might look short, well it is, but that's because it is only used to keep the rocket up straight when it is sitting on the launcher. We still don't know when we will launch it but we will do some test soon if the weather is good. We have rebuilt the release system and this time it is easier to release. To see more pictures of the launcher click here!Here is a closer view of the launch mechanism and guide rail.
We still haven't thought of a name for the rocket yet. so if anyone would like to suggest a name please add a comment.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Bad Weather

We still haven't finished our launcher because we have been very busy over the past week. The launcher still needs to be rebuilt and tested before any launch and that could be quite a while because it hasn't been good flying weather (windy and rainy) for the past week or two. On Sunday 12th we were meant to fly it but it was bad weather and we haven't finished the launcher yet anyway.

We will try to update as much as possible.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Plywood Launcher Base

We were going to repaint the MDF launcher because if it got wet again then it will be harder to fix, so we are going to use some different wood. This time we're going to use plywood because plywood doesn't go as soggy as MDF when you spill water on it. We're still going to paint the plywood just to make sure that it doesn't go soggy over time. We are also going to add a guide rail to keep the rocket straight when it launches and also to prevent the boosters leaking or getting stuck on the launcher. The new launch day will hopefully be on 12/10/08 but we can never say for certain because we still haven't test it properly yet. The reason why we haven't tested it yet is because the launcher turned soggy even before we had done any test launches.

Friday, 3 October 2008

launcher problem

We thought we had finaly finished our launcher and were hoping to fly the rocket this sunday but when we tested it for leaks we had a problem with the paint. Because the launcher is made from MDF which isn't very good when mixed with water, which is stupid because this is a water rocket launcher, so we had to paint it. although it had 2 layers of water proof varnish, it still didn't protect the MDF so we will have to take it all apart and repaint it again. If that doesn't work then we will get some other type of wood that is water proof. The target date for the flight was ment to be this sunday (5th october) but seeing as we have to repaint it, the new target date will have to be some time next week unless we have enough time this weekend to repaint it.