Monday 29 September 2008

parachute deployment

We have just uploaded details of our parachute deployment system. If the video isn't very detailed then please comment and we will put more details.

How it works:

-The parachute is packed and is spring loaded for quick and reliable deployment.

-The door has an elastic band on it and when the door is shut, the elastic band stretches round the rocket.

-The elastic band hooks onto a wind up toy (remember to wind the toy around 1 or 2 times first so it doesn't stop before it releases).

-Then wind up the toy (timer) about 1 or 2 times, depending on the amount of time you want.

-The timer is held in place by a piece of wood, at launch the piece of wood is pulled out and the timer starts.

-When the timer releases the elastic band, it releases the door and the parachute deploys.

... and the rocket is safe.

Sunday 28 September 2008

New plans

We have got a new plan for our booster rocket, the main stage is going to be a 4L and the boosters are going to be 1L each. This is going to be our first test rocket because there is a lot less risks with a smaller rocket than with a bigger rocket. When we get this working properly we will then move onto a bigger rocket. We are almost ready for a launch but we still need to do a few test, so we will probably launch it next weekend.

We need to choose a name for this new rocket so if anybody would like to suggest a name for the rocket please write it in the comments section.

Friday 19 September 2008

Launcher almost complete

The launcher that we have been working on for a very long time is almost complete all we need to do is paint it to stop the MDF going all soggy from the water and then we need to add the pressure tubes that supply the air to the rocket. We will hope to fly it in the next month or two but we can never say definitely. We are also going to try to make some aluminium Robinson Couplings on our new lathe instead of the heavy steal couplings, this should reduce the weight and add a few more feet in altitude!

Tuesday 9 September 2008

New Nozzles and launch tubes

We have just finished making the nozzles and launch tubes for our booster rocket. The nozzles are made from light weight aluminium and when assembled with a bottle top lid they should weigh 11grams each. Most of our launcher is ready but we still have to make the air supply tubes that will be under the launcher.

Wednesday 3 September 2008

Onboard Camera

This camera is used in all of our onboard footage. It only weighs 37g (not including 3g memory card) and it is 1.3 mega pixels. The camera is mainly meant for RC planes and helicopters but we use it for our rockets. The camera might look very fragile but it has survived a few crashes from at least 200ft.

Here are some links for the cheapest place to buy: